Dry Risers

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We have recently expanded our fire protection product portfolio to include Hydrotech dry riser cabinets, parts and accessories.

There are many variations and options available for different applications, so please give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through our range and help you with your requirements.

Our preferred suppliers:

  • Hydrotech

Our product range includes:

  • HC001 Vertical Inlet Architrave and Door Red
  • HC002 Vertical Inlet Dry Riser Cabinet – Red
  • HC003 Vertical Inlet Cabinet – Stainless Steel
  • HC004 Vertical Outlet Architrave and Door Red
  • HC005 Vertical Outlet Architrave & Door Stainless Steel
  • HC006 4-Way Inlet Cabinet Red
  • HC007 Architrave & Door Outlet – Stainless Steel
  • HC008 Vertical Outlet Cabinet Red
  • HC010 Surface Mounted Outlet Cabinet
  • HC011 Horizontal Inlet Cabinet Red
  • HC012 Vertical Surface Mounted Inlet Cabinet – Red
  • HC016 Horizontal Vandal Proof Door Frame
  • HC017 Recessed Floor Mounted Inlet Cabinet

Product features & options:

Where you can buy:

Call on: 0208 853 5005 Email: info@lenpart.co.uk